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There are a lot of advertising models available for businesses and one of the growing methods is the pay per call model. This model is somewhat similar to the Pay per Click options where businesses pay for every prospective clients or customer that clicks on their ads shown on other websites or search engines. However, with pay per call marketing, you only pay for calls placed to your business or conversions of such calls. You can also browse through the UseCallbox pay per call blog and learn in more details.

Making returns on investment (ROI) in pay per call advert model all boils down to your advertorial and if your adverts hit at the pain points of your target audience and proffer a solution with a solid call-to-action to provoke sales/action – just like other advert methods. If you are considering if you should buy a pay per call advertising model, you should first ask yourself if your business model favors phone leads more than clicks. If it does, then you should probably do.

The best part of opting for pay per call advertising is the abundance of pay per call tracking methods you can implement to measure how effective the channels are, and which channel performs best.